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The Defence of Fair dealing in Nigerian Copyright Law: Tradeoffs between Owner and User


The idea of copyright is indicative of two rights – the right of the copyright owner to enjoy the fruits of his labour on the one hand and right of the copyright user to benefit from the copyright work on the other hand. There has been a serious attempt at over-emphasizing the first right beyond its boundaries whilst suppressing the user’s right. Over the years and since the inception of copyright laws much of the discussions on copyright were centred on the protection of the right of the copyright owner, while little attention was paid to the public’s right in relation to copyright work.

Corporate Governance in Nigeria: A Legal Trajectory

Corporate governance mechanisms and controls are designed to reduce the inefficiencies that arise from moral hazard and adverse selection. There are both internal monitoring systems and external monitoring systems. Internal monitoring can be done, for example, by one (or a few) large shareholder(s) in the case of privately held companies or a firm belonging to a business group. Furthermore, the various board mechanisms provide for internal monitoring. External monitoring of managers’ behaviour occurs when an independent third party (e.g. the external auditor) attests to the accuracy of information provided by management to investors. Stock analysts and debt holders may also conduct such external monitoring.